Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Orange: A Summer Affair

I'll admit; I'm really bad at keeping on schedule.

I'd like to say I have an excuse for my lack of posting, say whats it been, a week? But in all honesty I don't; life just got in the way, work family and friends and lots of outings (Including my birthday) but during my hiatus I have discovered, I really love orange makeup, blushers, lipsticks even eyeshadows - I'm on that like white on rice! So I figured in the attempt to get back into the blogging swing of things, I'd share with you some of my most beloved orange products! So sit back and scroll on!

Lets start with lipsticks; I love me some lipsticks in fact the first lipstick I ever brought was Revlon's Siren (Which of course has made it into this list!) among my fav's are MAC in Vegas Volt, a NYX matte lipstick in Indie Flick a Bourjois healthy boost chubby stick in Orange Punch and of course Revlon's Siren.

Vegas Volt is a beautiful muted orange, thats not to stand-outty but still has enough 'omph' for those days when you want to be bold! One of the many selling points, other then the colour is the velvety texture of the formula which hasn't accentuated the dry patches on my lips in this oncoming hell of a summer! Orange Punch is the most hydrating of the bunch and whilst the colour packs a 'punch' (pun intended) it still comes of fairly muted, in fact this is one I myself have worn into work many times. A quick side note, I think this stick works well for me as my lips aren't to pigmented, if yours are, you might want to try using a lip base! Next is Siren and oh boy isn't she a beauty! Shes a true orange, that practically screams I AM HERE and I couldn't be glad-er for it...yes I know thats not a word. I love the finish of the Revlon Creme lipsticks as they go on smooth and opaque and when they wear of, they don't become patchy or uneven! Last of the lipsticks and the newest to my orange collection is Indie Flick a red-leaning orange that means bussiness. For me its a fun colour and one I think works best paired with either a bold winged liner, or smudged out bronze eyeshadow!

Next to the eyes - and yes I know that this is quite a weird place to put orange but just work with me. Have you seen Sharon Farrell on youtube? If yes good, if no, go there now and watch her, fall in love and then come back here. Don't worry, will wait. *awkward elevator music* Oh your back! Now, she does a tutorial using a bright orange eyeshadow, I recreated it using Costal Scents Deep Cantaloupe and I've worn it so many times since and its just magical! Yet, if your less of a bright orange fan, you can check out a subtle peachy shade like this Nabi single in Sand which is subtle - I use it as a blend-y shade. Another I enjoy, that has more of a rusted red undertone is from the Revlon Quad Wild. The shade doesn't have a name but its a great V shade if your going for a warm look!

Lastly and by my favourite beauty product is coral blushers! Theres something about blush that just makes my heart roar and I think orange blushers are perfect for summer, especially as I am trying to get away from my typical pink flush! One favourite is a Revlon cream blush in Coral Reef, its beautiful to apply and easy to blend, I find however that it isn't quite pigmented enough - but if your happy to layer then all power to you, I'm just a little lazy! Next up is a Rimmel blush in, you guessed it Coral and I think the reason I love this blush is because you can't go wrong with it - its a neutral coral blush, no shimmer, no shine...it's exactly what it is! Also, its lovely and smooth to wear - long lasting to boot! Last up, and possibly my favourite orange beauty product would be the Sleek Blush By Three trio in Lace. *breaths heavily* The first blush is a bright matte orange, followed by a somewhat pinker coral with gold shimmer and lastly a nice deep orange that reminds me of the Revlon eyeshadow I mentioned above!

Whats your favourite colour for beauty products? Let me know in the comments below - I'll be back soon!
Stay Shiny xx

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