Sunday, 30 November 2014

Haulin' Happiness #1

Direct Quote: "Rolling in the deep...with debt."

I think its time I let you in on a not so little secret, I love buying things and spending money - and I know, probably not the best trait right? Especially not this close to Christmas! None the less, I went to see my cousin in Sydney (Follow her blog here - she's the best, if she were a food, she'd be cheesecake made of dreams.) and we spent money, like we always do. So I've decided to share it with you lovely people!

Fun by Lush

This, made my life. I had originally only planned to by one thing on our trip to Lush, but our retail assistant was the bomb-diggity, really she was hilarious so I can hardly blame her for springing this baby on me. Retailing for $9.99 this deliciously caramel, bergamot, sweet citrusy smelling fun (A clay like consistency soap)! You can mould it into shapes, a shower or hair lather or even to crumble it into a running soaking tub - the possibilities are endless! 

Tea Tree Water by Lush

Reading reviews online, I've heard many a good word about this toner - and as I have recently decided to up my skin care game I figured it might be worth a shot. While this toner is generally marketed towards dryer skin tones - in the upcoming summer months my skin heads towards an oily consistency! I think with this, and my hydrating moisturiser my skin may very well be in for a real treat! It just makes me think; clean.

The Breakfast Scrub Smoothie by Soap and Glory

This is a re-buy, and one well worth it; because it is my favourite bath product in the whole wide world. Theres a tonne of reviews out there, if you'd like me to do one let me know down in the comments, but trust me its well worth the hype. The scent is delicious, it smells like breakfast food (My favourite type of food) and the oatmeal really works to clean skin but not abrasively so! I will be buried with this.

Suede-Berry by Lime Crime

Another impulse purchase, and this one I have no regrets, none, nope - I am in love; this lipstick, lip velveteen, lip stain? Whatever it is the definition of perfection, applies perfectly and has a great staying power - I was so excited by this I could not even stop dancing around in the store like a child! It was kind of pathetic but I don't care I'm literally overjoyed. Just yes.

Soft and Gentle by MAC

This one was a planned purchase - after playing with my cousins makeup collection yesterday I knew that I needed this. I have no other highlighters like this, and my cousin claims it lasts all day and is perfect (Although I think she's more in love with Mary-Louminizer! I'll be posting a review on this one for sure! Wait around my friends! It shall happen very soon!

Thats all she wrote folks, or more like all she brought. What have you been haluin' lately?
Stay Shiny x

Whats on my IPOD this week?

If there is one thing I can't get enough of, its coffee and music.

To me, theres nothing more soul satisfying then finding new music that makes your weak at the knees, that makes you want to scream out the lyrics and whip out your air guitar, music is just, essential...and if your anything like me, you can never have enough of it. So I figured I might share with you guys some of the songs, and bands that I have been ABSOLUTELY in love with this past week. (Warning; I have slightly varied tastes, so prepare yourself for a clash of classical and metal.)

1. Take Me To Church by Hozzier
You know how Spotify always recommends those songs to you and in your head your always like 'Can you not?' Well this is one of the songs that I am so grateful for. Stunning voice, brilliant song. Blue-sy with some rock undertones, oh my, how my heart flutters!

2. Lullabies by Yuna
From her self-titles album, her voice beckons in this song, and the moving beat gets me groovin' everytime - its great song to listen to in the bath, or at any time that you just want to calm down. (I recommend checking out her older albums to if your that way inclined, she's unique.)

3. Cloud Spiller by Crobot
A lucky find (By someone close to me) is what introduced me to these babies; and I must say originally I wasn't the biggest fan...but then I really listened and just damn. If you like a little bit of rock, or just some epic shit, check out there album Something Supernatural available on Spotify! 

4. Water Came Down by Rosie Low
I don't think I could describe this song, even if I really really tried. Theres a mashup of beats and styles and electronics that all, somehow, work well together, hell they work really well. If you don't mind a hint of techno, give her a listen. Much catchy.

5. Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters
Do I need to explain this? No. Listen to it, that is all I can tell you, its great, its the Foo's! How could it not be anything but spectacular?!

What music have you been loving?
Stay Shiny x

Friday, 28 November 2014

November Favourites Part 2: Bits & Bobs

As much as I love beauty products (and as much as my bank account does not) there have been many bits and things that I've been loving this month, over any others so I figured why not share them with you? If you like books, food, movies and what not keep reading!

belVita Breakfast Milk and CerealsI

A normal one would know, that these biscuits are designed to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast - yet, I find them so delicious I normally have a pack before I go to work as they have a '4hr slow release' of carbohydrates. They have a distinctly milky taste, with the oatey crunch making them extra tasty! The box comes with six packs of four cookies, a perfect serving size! If you struggle to eat breakfast (but know you should) then give these a go!

Equilibrium Japanse Honeysuckle Candle

With summer here, my candle choices have moved away from 'warm' to 'bright and fruity' and this candle is exactly that. With a beautiful sweet scent, that envelops the entire house hold in less then a few hours! Its a two wick candle, and it lasts for ages! The candle company I brought it from also refills them at a discounted price - hooray for the environment! 

A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Recently at the Lifeline book fair I picked up a stack of books (I may or may not have spent my entire pay cheek without regrets) and with the university semester over I have started to work may way through them. My lord, this book is a piece of beauty. Wonderfully written, I enjoyed the experience that it afforded, as well as the stories it taught me. Having a large interest in Buddhism and Japanese culture this book was also way up my alley! I recommend it if you have a spare moment or two!

Target Sunnies

I'm going to be really honest, the main reason I like these sun glasses is because of the daises - also because the material doesn't take of the makeup on my nose which is a major plus I can tell you!

Some other quick things I've been loving this month are; Clue (A period tracker - saved me) a band called Crobot and a little TV show called Parks and Recreation, maybe you've heard of it? What random things have you guys been loving this month?

Stay shiny x

November Favourites Part 1: Beauty

These are a few of my favourite things!

Out of all possible blog posts, reading/watching monthly favourites has got to be close to the top (Right under haul videos - they make me feel better about the amount of money I spend on beauty things) and so you can only imagine how stoked I was to sit down to write this bad boy! This month I had three beauty favourites which includes *drum roll* Sleek Blush by Three in Pink Lemonade, Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana, Eco Tools Airbrush Concealer Brush, Lush soap in Yog Nog and the Argan Facial Moisturiser by Swisse.  Now heres the low down;

Sleek Blush by Three in Pink Lemonade

I’ve had this blush pallet since early this year, yet our love affair didn’t really blossom until early this month as the summer season set in. I’ve got a review coming up soon on this and another Sleek blush pallet so I don’t want to say to much, but trust me, my face and this pallet are practically inseparable. Also, the colours are inspired by tea parties - could it get cuter?

Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana

I must say, I initially hated this powder, hated, loathed, I was the Grinch and it was Christmas type of loathed - I see my mistakes now. Banana is a Bella powder (designed to eliminate shine, enhance light and set foundation on those with light to medium skin tones) and is perfect for setting under eye concealer! If your paler, like myself, I recommend going lightly with this powder as you don't want it to look like you've an actual yellow face! Will defiantly be something I use in the Christmas month!

Eco Tools Airbrush Concealer Brush

When buying brushes, something I tend to avoid fearing picking the wrong one, I normally just go for what feels right, not to soft, not to hard (not to expensive – a girls got to eat you know?) After realising I was picking up more product then I was blending in when using my fingers to apply concealer, I thought this brush was worth a whirl. It was. Oh, it so was. Thanks to a large hormonal break this month (Something I never thought I’d be thankful for) I can confidently say, that this brush helps to conceal everything – will defiantly be a favourite for many months to come!

Lush Soap in Yog Nog

If using Christmas themed body products during November is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. The name about says it all, its an eggnog scented soap dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon – super moisturizing and leaves a pleasant but not overly pungent scent on the skin. I will most defiantly be stocking up before Christmas is over! I literally am living for this soap.

Argon Facial Moisturiser by Swisse 

I have dry to combination skin, but early last month, my face began to get gradually dryer and dryer until I looked like some scally thing out of Sanctum! (We'll get to that later) and I knew it was time for a change! As it came time to repurchase, I realised that this has been the ONLY moisturiser that I've enjoyed enough to keep using and even to rebuy! Its smoothing, calming and doesn't aggravate my skin, its also not SUPER oily, so it settles in quickly. Lovin' it!

What have you enjoyed this month?
Stay Shiny x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Just A Little Inspiration

Random Post #3 Cream Dream

I don't have to wear any other makeup as long as I have blush.
- Victoria Justice

As a girl with hyper pigmented skin, red as a rose you may say, I never dared dream I would be able to wear a blush, yet after a year of proper skin care, researching facial masks, and learning how to properly use concealer and foundation, I hoard, yes hoard blushers. Cream blushers, powder blushers, tint's - you name it, I've got it. So, when I saw these cream blushes, retailing here in Australia for under $10 bucks I just had to splurge!

I brought Kiss a peachy-pink with a hint of gold shimmer that reminded me of Nar's Orgasm (A possible dupe I thought!) followed by Flirt which is more of a dusky pink with again a gold tinge, yet more of a sheen then a shimmer. Lastly I brought Fire which admittedly scared me with its brightness, but being the only matte shade, I figured this fire-y pink was worth a go. 

 Left, Unblended. Right, Blended.

Firstly, these babies are super pigmented, as you can see in the unblended swatch on the left! So far I've founded that the best way to apply them is by lightly dabbing your finger on the top and blending it in, or if you prefer a brush, I find that a light hand and a stipple brush works wonders to! They have a great lasting power, getting me easily through a long-ass work day with no patchy ness or discolouration. They apply like a dream to, no muss, no fuss.

Kiss is by far my favourite, one that I've worn every day for close to a week, its such a versatile colour and can be set with a powder blush without looking like you've got clown face! If your a blush fan, I would recommend you check these babies out, they are well worth the money. I give them five out of five rosy cheeks!

Stay Shiny x 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Random Post #2; Provocalips

On a bad day, theres always lipstick.

This post wasn't supposed to happen, these lip products were not meant to be bought, yet it is, and they were...yet, I regret nothing. Except perhaps that I didn't buy more. This post is aimed at giving you the low down on the new lipstick range from Rimmel, the Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Top; 110 Dare to Pink 
Bottom; 200 I'll Call You

I've never been what you would call a fan 3of Rimmel, not because I disliked the quality of their products, but more so because I disliked there scents, you know that bathed in my great grandmothers perfume kind of smell? The main selling points for this purchase was that there is no grandma scent, none, in fact there is little scent at all, major +. 

The Claims: These bad boys claim to be completely transfer proof, where talking kissing, eating, drinking, all of that jazz, so if they work they may very well become the holy grail, lazy girl lip, promising over ten hours of wear! They also claim to leave no tight or dry feeling, which if your a dry-lipped gal like me, is a God send!

The Verdict: Application was effortless, the doe foot applicator allowed me to get a clean and crisp line and the colours were opaque in one swipe! Colour wise, the lipsticks are fairly true to the tubing, yet it may vary depending on your natural lip colour. After Step 1, the coloured lipstick I was really worried, my lips felt dry and tacky BUT then Step 2 happened, and the clear gloss, moisturised and made my lips feel like a dream. There was no flakiness and no crusty-ness (You know the kind I'm talking about). 

I put them through just about every test I could think of, the kissing test (The back of my hand is feeling fairly loved I can assure you), the drinking test (No stains on tea-cups today) and the eating test...this is where it all fell to pieces. While I'll Call You began to fade gradually, Dare To Pink became blotchy and in all honesty, gross. From looking about, this seems a common probably with this shade. 

Sorry about the quality, IPhone 4's front camera, not so great.

Overall I like the products, I'm not head over heels, but in a pinch there good enough, I would however steer clear of Dare To Pink, thats defiantly less then nice. Have you tried any from this range? What do you think? Give me a comment if your feeling generous. 

Stay Shiny x

Monday, 24 November 2014

Random Post #1; The Comforter

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.
-Sylvia Plath

It seems and my girl Sylvia and I are on the same wave length when it comes to baths, that being that theres no day that will not be improved ten fold with the addition of a warm bubbling bath, some groovy tunes, a cup of Earl Grey tea, and a piece of a chocolate or two! For me, bathing is all about the experience, and the Comforter Bubble Bar available at Lush surely offers that experience. 

Firstly, let me introduce you to the bar itself. In Australia, the comforter retails for $10.95 which is expensive sure, but worth it, oh boy. When used moderately, you could easily get four or five baths out of this bar, or if your anything like me, you can break it in half and have two REALLY indulgent bathing experiences. The swirling pink and white design makes me think of Carnivals and fairy floss, whilst the scent makes me feel as though I am being wrapped in a blanket of summer fruits. *swoons*

Now, if like me, you were previously unfamiliar with the concept of a Bubble Bar - let me enlighten you as to their purpose - bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles, cauldron boil and cauldron bubble, that kind of thing. The bubbles don't dissipate during the bath like a normal bath gel, nor does the pink colour for that matter. Simply crumble the bar under running water and your bath will soon look like something from a comic book in the best possible way. All in all, I give the Comforter, four out of five rubber duckies! Do you know any other lush products I should try? Leave your recommendation in the comment box below!

Stay Shiny! x