Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Review: L'oreal Super Liner 24H

May your eyeliner always be even.

When I first began in the big scary world of makeup, eyeliner seemed like the one thing I could never master, pencil always hurt, liquid just went everywhere - and don't even get me started on gel, that was like a magic trick. Or so I thought...gradually I learned the ways of pencil, and then liquid and I may have finally found the perfect gel product! Enter the L'oreal Super Liner 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black *cue rave review now*

First up, lets talk packaging; the gel comes in a a glass 'capsule' with a simple gold lid, that to me add class to what would be considered a 'drugstore' product by most, it has a nice weight and the lid doesn't capture fingerprints like other packaging which I think is a major plus. I'm not the biggest fan of the accompanying brush, plastic-y and cheap something that I wouldn't pick up voluntarily, but in a pinch you could make it work.

This liner is richly pigmented, heavenly so! Its much deeper then any other liner I've tried, even my Maybeline Master Precise which I love so dearly! It applies supper easily, one swipe gives the perfect line, and it can be used easily to make a thin or thick line. It lasts all day, with no bleeding or fading; but 24H? Sorry L'oreal no, it can easily last 12 or so, but much more I wouldn't try, why you wearing your makeup for more then twelve hours I have no idea! Do you want to know another great thing? The liner hasn't dried out which is great plus! 

If your in the mood to try something new, or if you just love a good gel eyeliner test this one out! P.S. its also ridiculously good for gel liner newbies!

Stay shiny! x

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