Sunday, 30 November 2014

Whats on my IPOD this week?

If there is one thing I can't get enough of, its coffee and music.

To me, theres nothing more soul satisfying then finding new music that makes your weak at the knees, that makes you want to scream out the lyrics and whip out your air guitar, music is just, essential...and if your anything like me, you can never have enough of it. So I figured I might share with you guys some of the songs, and bands that I have been ABSOLUTELY in love with this past week. (Warning; I have slightly varied tastes, so prepare yourself for a clash of classical and metal.)

1. Take Me To Church by Hozzier
You know how Spotify always recommends those songs to you and in your head your always like 'Can you not?' Well this is one of the songs that I am so grateful for. Stunning voice, brilliant song. Blue-sy with some rock undertones, oh my, how my heart flutters!

2. Lullabies by Yuna
From her self-titles album, her voice beckons in this song, and the moving beat gets me groovin' everytime - its great song to listen to in the bath, or at any time that you just want to calm down. (I recommend checking out her older albums to if your that way inclined, she's unique.)

3. Cloud Spiller by Crobot
A lucky find (By someone close to me) is what introduced me to these babies; and I must say originally I wasn't the biggest fan...but then I really listened and just damn. If you like a little bit of rock, or just some epic shit, check out there album Something Supernatural available on Spotify! 

4. Water Came Down by Rosie Low
I don't think I could describe this song, even if I really really tried. Theres a mashup of beats and styles and electronics that all, somehow, work well together, hell they work really well. If you don't mind a hint of techno, give her a listen. Much catchy.

5. Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters
Do I need to explain this? No. Listen to it, that is all I can tell you, its great, its the Foo's! How could it not be anything but spectacular?!

What music have you been loving?
Stay Shiny x

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