Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Random Post #2; Provocalips

On a bad day, theres always lipstick.

This post wasn't supposed to happen, these lip products were not meant to be bought, yet it is, and they were...yet, I regret nothing. Except perhaps that I didn't buy more. This post is aimed at giving you the low down on the new lipstick range from Rimmel, the Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Top; 110 Dare to Pink 
Bottom; 200 I'll Call You

I've never been what you would call a fan 3of Rimmel, not because I disliked the quality of their products, but more so because I disliked there scents, you know that bathed in my great grandmothers perfume kind of smell? The main selling points for this purchase was that there is no grandma scent, none, in fact there is little scent at all, major +. 

The Claims: These bad boys claim to be completely transfer proof, where talking kissing, eating, drinking, all of that jazz, so if they work they may very well become the holy grail, lazy girl lip, promising over ten hours of wear! They also claim to leave no tight or dry feeling, which if your a dry-lipped gal like me, is a God send!

The Verdict: Application was effortless, the doe foot applicator allowed me to get a clean and crisp line and the colours were opaque in one swipe! Colour wise, the lipsticks are fairly true to the tubing, yet it may vary depending on your natural lip colour. After Step 1, the coloured lipstick I was really worried, my lips felt dry and tacky BUT then Step 2 happened, and the clear gloss, moisturised and made my lips feel like a dream. There was no flakiness and no crusty-ness (You know the kind I'm talking about). 

I put them through just about every test I could think of, the kissing test (The back of my hand is feeling fairly loved I can assure you), the drinking test (No stains on tea-cups today) and the eating test...this is where it all fell to pieces. While I'll Call You began to fade gradually, Dare To Pink became blotchy and in all honesty, gross. From looking about, this seems a common probably with this shade. 

Sorry about the quality, IPhone 4's front camera, not so great.

Overall I like the products, I'm not head over heels, but in a pinch there good enough, I would however steer clear of Dare To Pink, thats defiantly less then nice. Have you tried any from this range? What do you think? Give me a comment if your feeling generous. 

Stay Shiny x

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