Sunday, 30 November 2014

Haulin' Happiness #1

Direct Quote: "Rolling in the deep...with debt."

I think its time I let you in on a not so little secret, I love buying things and spending money - and I know, probably not the best trait right? Especially not this close to Christmas! None the less, I went to see my cousin in Sydney (Follow her blog here - she's the best, if she were a food, she'd be cheesecake made of dreams.) and we spent money, like we always do. So I've decided to share it with you lovely people!

Fun by Lush

This, made my life. I had originally only planned to by one thing on our trip to Lush, but our retail assistant was the bomb-diggity, really she was hilarious so I can hardly blame her for springing this baby on me. Retailing for $9.99 this deliciously caramel, bergamot, sweet citrusy smelling fun (A clay like consistency soap)! You can mould it into shapes, a shower or hair lather or even to crumble it into a running soaking tub - the possibilities are endless! 

Tea Tree Water by Lush

Reading reviews online, I've heard many a good word about this toner - and as I have recently decided to up my skin care game I figured it might be worth a shot. While this toner is generally marketed towards dryer skin tones - in the upcoming summer months my skin heads towards an oily consistency! I think with this, and my hydrating moisturiser my skin may very well be in for a real treat! It just makes me think; clean.

The Breakfast Scrub Smoothie by Soap and Glory

This is a re-buy, and one well worth it; because it is my favourite bath product in the whole wide world. Theres a tonne of reviews out there, if you'd like me to do one let me know down in the comments, but trust me its well worth the hype. The scent is delicious, it smells like breakfast food (My favourite type of food) and the oatmeal really works to clean skin but not abrasively so! I will be buried with this.

Suede-Berry by Lime Crime

Another impulse purchase, and this one I have no regrets, none, nope - I am in love; this lipstick, lip velveteen, lip stain? Whatever it is the definition of perfection, applies perfectly and has a great staying power - I was so excited by this I could not even stop dancing around in the store like a child! It was kind of pathetic but I don't care I'm literally overjoyed. Just yes.

Soft and Gentle by MAC

This one was a planned purchase - after playing with my cousins makeup collection yesterday I knew that I needed this. I have no other highlighters like this, and my cousin claims it lasts all day and is perfect (Although I think she's more in love with Mary-Louminizer! I'll be posting a review on this one for sure! Wait around my friends! It shall happen very soon!

Thats all she wrote folks, or more like all she brought. What have you been haluin' lately?
Stay Shiny x

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