Friday, 28 November 2014

November Favourites Part 2: Bits & Bobs

As much as I love beauty products (and as much as my bank account does not) there have been many bits and things that I've been loving this month, over any others so I figured why not share them with you? If you like books, food, movies and what not keep reading!

belVita Breakfast Milk and CerealsI

A normal one would know, that these biscuits are designed to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast - yet, I find them so delicious I normally have a pack before I go to work as they have a '4hr slow release' of carbohydrates. They have a distinctly milky taste, with the oatey crunch making them extra tasty! The box comes with six packs of four cookies, a perfect serving size! If you struggle to eat breakfast (but know you should) then give these a go!

Equilibrium Japanse Honeysuckle Candle

With summer here, my candle choices have moved away from 'warm' to 'bright and fruity' and this candle is exactly that. With a beautiful sweet scent, that envelops the entire house hold in less then a few hours! Its a two wick candle, and it lasts for ages! The candle company I brought it from also refills them at a discounted price - hooray for the environment! 

A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Recently at the Lifeline book fair I picked up a stack of books (I may or may not have spent my entire pay cheek without regrets) and with the university semester over I have started to work may way through them. My lord, this book is a piece of beauty. Wonderfully written, I enjoyed the experience that it afforded, as well as the stories it taught me. Having a large interest in Buddhism and Japanese culture this book was also way up my alley! I recommend it if you have a spare moment or two!

Target Sunnies

I'm going to be really honest, the main reason I like these sun glasses is because of the daises - also because the material doesn't take of the makeup on my nose which is a major plus I can tell you!

Some other quick things I've been loving this month are; Clue (A period tracker - saved me) a band called Crobot and a little TV show called Parks and Recreation, maybe you've heard of it? What random things have you guys been loving this month?

Stay shiny x

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